Wednesday, 30 March 2011

First finds

We've been spending a bit of time on the Mineology server as of late ( if you're interested). A very good, generally excellent, low grief server.

While we were trying to build our dirt ... hole to survive the night in, a couple of buildings were looking quite intimidating.
To start with, a strange, graphical sculpture was wrapped round the spawn. Which was nice to look at to say the least.
Venturing further, we found two impressively built skyscrapers complete with flats, penthouses and a fast - terrifying - way of getting from the top to the bottom.
My personal favourite though, is the suspension bridge (as you can probably tell - far more pictures of it - and nearly got banned using a fly mod to take some good screens). It is, i think, stunning.
Check out the slideshow below for the pictures! And follow! These are only the first pictures - it has to get better.

I did NOT build these myself.